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Potentially curative multivisceral resections for locally advanced colorectal cancer

Vesselin Marinov


Background. Performing multivisceral resections in locally advanced colorectal cancer is the only way to achieve the surgical radicality in the treatment of this disease. The frequency of such cases remains high as a result of the global increase in morbidity and poor health culture of the population. Locally advanced colorectal cancer has exclusive specificity in terms of its location - upper abdominal floor,  pelvic area and requires multidisciplinary surgical skills and experience. In this publication are reported early perioperative results in 128 cases of potentially curative multivisceral resections.

Aim. To assess the early perioperative results in patients with multivisceral resections for advanced colorectal cancer.

Material and method. For period of 8 years 2007 - 2014, 191 patients with advanced colorectal cancer were operated. In 128 cases multivisceral resections were performed in attempt for achieve surgical radicalism.

Results. Average age in the group was 66.7years. Perioperative mortality amounted to 3.1%(4 patients). Perioperative complications were observed in 25 (19.5%) patients.

Conclusion. Surgery is the only method for achieve long term survival in patients with advanced colorectal cancer. Performance of multivisceral resections is challenging for the surgeon and often multidisciplinary approach is needed. 

Key words. Multivisceral, locally advanced, colorectal


Key words. Multivisceral, locally advanced, colorectal

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Locally advanced adenocarcinoma of the supramesocolic part of the colon. Features of surgical treatment and challenges. V. Marinov, R. Gaidarski, K. Draganov, N. Katev, D. Rusenov; Y. Kolev, A. Petreska, B. Borisov, G. Changalova, S. Lavchev, D. Penchev, D. Stoyanova, S. Tonev. Scripta Scientifica Medica, vol. 45, Suppl. 2, 2013, pp. 79-85

About The Author

Vesselin Marinov
"Tokuda Hospital Sofia" HPB Surgery dept.

HPB and General Surgery Clinic. Head of Miniinvasive and Laparoscopic Surgery.

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