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The place of palliative multivisceral resections for locally advanced colorectal cancer

Vesselin Marinov Marinov



Background. Performance of multivisceral resections in cases of locally and systematically advanced colorectal cancer have their own place in the treatment of this disease. This approach is used usually in young patients as a part of two-stage surgical strategy or combined with adjuvant chemotherapy to achieve re-staging  of systemic metastases. Avoiding colostomy and better quality of life is a strong suggestion in this direction.

Aim. To determine the indications and early postoperative results in group of patients with locally and systemically advanced colorectal cancer with multivisceral resection of local disease.

Material and method. For a period of 8 years 2007 - 2014, 27 patients underwent local multivisceral resection with distant metastases left. For the same period total 191 patients were operated for locally advanced CRC. All methods for early postoperative results assessment were used.

Results. The average age in the group was 64 years. Perioperative mortality rate is 3.7% and morbidity is 14,8%. In only 3 cases we preformed colostomy.

Conclusion. In selected patients aggressive surgical attempt is justified and connected with low mortality and morbidity rate. Quality of life is a strong suggestion for such therapeutic strategy.


palliative; colorectal; multivisceral

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Vesselin Marinov Marinov
"Tokuda Hospital Sofia" HPB Surgery dept.

HPB and General Surgery Clinic. Head of Miniinvasive and Laparoscopic Surgery.

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