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A troublesome lesion of the larynx: Lobular capillary hemangioma

Oguz Egilmez, Lokman Uzun, Sidika Ozkanli, Mahmut Kalcioglu, Muhammet Tekin


Lobular capillary hemangioma (LCH), which is also known as pyojenic granuloma, is a benign and vascular lesion of the skin and mucous membranes and mostly seen in females between 20-40 years of age. Although the etiology of the condition is still unknown, some conditions, such as trauma, poor oral hygiene, viral or fungal infections, and periodontal and gingival diseases are considered to be related to the formation of LCH. It mostly seems in cheek and oral cavity in head and neck region. Larynx localization of LCH is very rare. We present a case of LCH in a 47-year-old male and review the literature.


lobular capillary hemangioma; pyogenic granuloma; larynx; trauma; dysphonia; vocal fold

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About The Authors

Oguz Egilmez
Istanbul Medeniyet University

School of medicine, Department of otorhinolaryngology

Lokman Uzun
Istanbul Medeniyet University

School of medicine, Department of otorhinolaryngology

Sidika Ozkanli
Istanbul Medeniyet University

Goztepe training and research hospital,
Department of pathology

Mahmut Kalcioglu
Istanbul Medeniyet University

School of medicine, Department of otorhinolaryngology

Muhammet Tekin
Istanbul Medeniyet University

School of medicine, Department of otorhinolaryngology

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