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Health impact assessment: potential and perspectives for development

A. Kerekovska, S. Popova


Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a new approach attracting a great deal of interest internationally, nationally and across localities. It is considered as a major opportunity to integrate health in any policy by offering a route to understanding the potential health risks and benefits entailed in any proposal. The present paper aims to highlight the potential value of HIA and to examine the perspectives for its development. The methods involve a comprehensive review and a documentary analysis of international HIA literature. Current experiences of approach adoption are also reviewed. This paper briefly summarizes the potential value of HIA and the main strengths of its adoption. An analysis of the policy context is also applied to draw up the picture of its perspective development. Strengths appreciation of HIA revealsits great potential for the achievement of healthy public policy. By influencing public policies in favour of health and reduced inequalities - HIA brings the public health agenda into mainstream decision-making. There are good prospects for expanding its application to inform and enhance equitable, health-aware decision-making at all levels within the European Union and across wider Europe.

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About The Authors

A. Kerekovska
Medical University of Varna

Department of Social Medicine and Health Care Organization

S. Popova
Medical University of Varna

Department of Social Medicine and Health Care Organization

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