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Dupuytren`s contracture in a patient from Vietnam: A case report

Bilyana Bozhanina, Ruslan Popstefanov


Dupuytren`s disease is a benign fibroproliferative disease of unknown origin, which affects the palmar fascia. The condition usually has a progressive course, from the appearance of a nodule, to the formation of a fibrous cord which pulls the finger in a flexion posture. It is common in Scandinavian countries, frequent in United Kingdom and is believed to be uncommon in Asian populations. Palmar contracture appears only rarely in Asian people of pure stock.(Brenner, Mailänder, & Berger, 1994) Vietnam has evidenced only one case in the literature, from 1971 in a male soldier, with unilateral fourth ray disease, which was treated with subtotal fasciectomy with an unknown outcome.(Slattery, 2010);(Maes, 1979) We report a case of male patient with bilateral Dupuytren`s disease from Vietnam


Dupuytren's contracture; diathesis; Vietnam; Asia

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About The Authors

Bilyana Bozhanina
Medical University- Varna Saint Anna's Hospital Orthopedics and traumatology

Ruslan Popstefanov
Medical University of Varna Saint Anna's Hospital Orthopedics and traumatology

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