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Pruritoceptive and psychogenic pruritus in lichen simplex chronicus

Filka Georgieva


Abstract - Pruritus is a diagnostic hallmark for Lichen Simplex Chronicus (LSH). It elicits a scratch response, initiating the itch-scratch cycle, which in turn aggravate the inflammatory response and exacerbate disease severity. Treating this symptom can be challenging The purpose of this study is to distinguish which type of pruritus has a leading role in pathogenesis of LSH by studying changes skin barrier functions and evaluating patients psychopathology. We compare the results from the tests of skin barrier and evaluation of psychiatric scales HAD-A and HAD-D observing 56 adults with diagnosis LSH.


- Lichen simplex chronicus, skin barrier evaluation, anxiety

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About The Author

Filka Georgieva
Medical University of Varna

Department of dermatology and Venerology

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