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Prevalence of Intestinal and Non-intestinal Parasitoses in Varna region for 2013-2015 year: data from outpatient parasitological testing.

Kalina Stoyanova, Tatyana Cvetkova, Stoyan Pavlov Pavlov, Svetoslav Todorov, Margarita Gospodinova


Introduction and aim: The objective of this study is to determine the structure of the outpatient parasitology tests and the epidemiological significance of the resultant morbidity for intestinal and non-intestinal parasitic diseases in Varna region, Northeastern Bulgaria.

Materials and methods: A total number of 30 687 patients tested for human parasites were investigated. Statistical analyses were performed regarding the proportion of the tests by indications and the consequential prevalence of parasitic diseases was estimated.

Results: The main percentage of outpatient tests is performed with prophylactic purposes (91.38%), followed by clinical (7.67%) and epidemiological (0.95%) indications. Significant concern represents the discovered prevalence of parasitic diseases with person-to-person and food-borne routes of transmission in children (Enterobiosis - 1.18%, Giardiasis - 0.78%) and in the active adult population (Giardiasis - 0.75%, Enterobiosis - 0.59%). The higher extensity of the diseases with other mechanisms of transmission (Echinococcosis -26.15%, Toxoplasmosis -16.69% and Trichomonosis - 9.57%) are a result of their specific symptomology.

Conclusions: Due to the asymptomatic course intestinal parasitic diseases are found predominately via prophylactic screening. In current conditions of increased migration processes this "hidden" morbidity in the adult population continues to represents a significant epidemiological risk.


outpatient parasitological tests, intestinal parasitoses, prevalence, hidden morbidity

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About The Authors

Kalina Stoyanova
Medical University - Varna

Department of Infectious Diseases, Parasitology and Dermatovenerology, Faculty of Medicine

Assistent Professor

Tatyana Cvetkova
Medical University - Varna

Department of Infectious Diseases, Parasitology and Dermatovenerology, Faculty of Medicine

Assistent Professor

Stoyan Pavlov Pavlov
Medical University - Varna

Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Medicine

Assistant Professor

Svetoslav Todorov
Specialized Diagnostic Laboratory `Status`, Varna

Specialized Diagnostic Laboratory `Status`, Varna

Laboratory Head

Margarita Gospodinova
Medical University Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov - Varna

Department of Infectious Diseases, Parasitology and Dermatovenerology, Faculty of Medicine

Associated Professor

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