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System of Computer Analysis and Evaluation of Cerebral Morphological Changes After Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of Experimental Carbon Monoxide Intoxication in Rats

D. Stavrev, H. Bozov


Research of some regimens of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HOT) for single treatment of acute intoxications with CO according to levels of toxemia in order to ensure an optimal treatment and a faster rahbilitation.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; Brain Morphology; Carbon Monoxide Intoxication

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Бозов, X. Оптимизиране на лечението с хипербарна оксигенация на острите интоксикации с въглероден окис - експериментални и клинични проучвания. Дисертационен труд. Варна, 1999.

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H. Bozov

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