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TM-167: An Electrophoretic Investigation of Its Properties in Ultradiluted Aqueous Solutions

G. D. Bontchev, G. A. Bojikov, P. I. Ivanov


The gamma-radionuclide Tm-167 is often used in the clinical radiodiagnostics and nuclear medicine. The usual form of its application is as a citrate complex. Nevertheless, there are considerable amonunts of the simple hydrated Thulim (III) species that can be expected in the blood and body tissue in some cases. Main reasons for that fact are metabolic and hydrolytic processes as well as failures in radiopharmaceutical preparation (kit engagement). Therefore, it is of a practical interest to know chemical properties as well as the behavior of the Tmaq.3+ in water solutions at microconcentrations as low as 10-7 - 10-8 mol.l-1. This will help understanding how to prevent an undesired side effect, especially for in-vivo treatment with radioactive Thulium drugs. In this radioanalytical data, including values of parameters such as ion mobilities, molar volumes, Stocks radii, hydration numbers and diffusion coefficients in water solutions is presented.


Thulium-167; Radiodiagnostics; Electrophoresis; Electromigration; Nuclear Medicine

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P. I. Ivanov


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