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Plasma and Erythrocyte Levels of Trace Elemеnts in Healthy Elderly

V. Todorova, Tchankova P., V. Madjova


About the concentration of Mg, Cu and Zn in plasma and erythrocytes in healthy elderly individuals aged over 80 years and their changes with aging


Hematology; Magnesium Concentration in Plasma and Erythorcytes; Copper Concentration in Plasma and Erythorcytes; Zinc Concentration in Plasma and Erythorcytes; Geriatrics

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Паскалев, Д. H. Хронична хемодиализа и човешки рекомбинантен еритропоетин – някои ефекти върху организма, свободно-радикалните процеси, антиоксидантната система и електролитите в еритроцитите. Дисертация за степен “доктор”. Варна, МУ-Варна, 1994.

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V. Todorova


Tchankova P.


V. Madjova


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