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Rhinitis in Early Childhood: Efficiency and Harmlessness of a New Intranasal Corticosteroid

D. Marev


Fluticazone propionate (FP) is a new corticosteroid which is twice as efficient than as beclometazole dipropionate with minimal oral biopresence following intranasal application. Its effect was studied in a total of 400 children aged 4-12 years monitored in 10 of the geographic regions. The efficiency of the drug was assessed by means of daily records registering the individual accompanying symptoms, nasal obstruction, choryza, sneezing, etc. Three groups of patients were investigated: 1) treated with 100 µg FP; 2) treated with 200 µg FP and 3) placebo group. The results of the clinical study confirmed that 100 and 200 µg FP administered once daily suppressed all the typical symptoms of the seasonal allergic rhinits in childhood.


Fluticazone Propionate; Allergic Rhinitis; Corticosteroids

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