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Public Health Training Needs Assessment in Bulgaria: A Necessary and Continuous Process

S. Popova, A. Kerekovska, N. Feschieva, I. Mircheva


The development of public health education has its solid grounds both in the modern trends of the European health policy and in the national context. It is acknowledged that public health training should adequately meet the demand for professionals to involve in practice and research. The content of the training programmes should correspond to the needs for specific public health knowledge, skills and competencies. This study is aimed at assessing the need for public health professionals in Bulgaria and exploring the specific training needs in terms of necessary knowledge and skills. The methods involved refer to opinion assessment of three target groups: experts, employers, and students at the Master of Public Health programme of Varna University of Medicine by personal (face-to-face) interviews orpostar questionnaires. The results show that the need for public health education is widely recognized and it meets the stakeholders' interest in possibilities for public health workforce training and qualification.


Public Health; Public Health Training; Public Health Professionals; Public Health in Bulgaria

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S. Popova


A. Kerekovska


N. Feschieva

I. Mircheva

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