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Neuroendocrine Tumor in Peripancreatic Lymph Nodes

V. Bozhkov, P. Chernopolsky, P. Arnaudov, D. Chaushev, T. , J. Stefanov, D. Djenkov, R. Madjov


Introduction: Neuroendocrine tumors originate from chromaffin-like cells and are tumors with neuroendocrine function and malignant potential. In the majority of the cases, they affect the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas. In the diagnosis of primary pancreatic carcinoma, 95% of cases are adenocarcinomas, and the remaining 5% are asymptomatic neuroendocrine tumors.Aim: We report a case of NET of the pancreas localized in processus uncinatus.Results: The patient underwent an enucleation of the tumor. On histological examination: markedly cellular with mostly dispersed tumor cells, also some loose clusters, acinus-like formations, small sheets, rosette-like formations and ribbons. Immunohistological stains were performed with the following results: the epithelial component was positive fоr Synaptophysin(+), Chromogranin(+), CDX2(+), TTF1(-), Ki67<2%. There was a histological demonstration of the well-differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma of the pancreas. Overall, the patient tolerated the procedure and the hospital stay well. During the course of hospitalization, his pain was well-controlled with lydol and his glucose was well-controlled as well. On the sixth day, post-admission, the patient was discharged from the hospital.Conclusion: The surgical treatment of NET must be discussed on carefully selected patients with functional tumors, especially in the cases when they cannot be safely removed. The survival of patients diagnosed with NET is increasing considerably after a conducted surgical intervention, even with the existence of metastases.


Keywords: NET, surgical treatment, neuroendocrine tumors, islet cell tumors

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V. Bozhkov

P. Chernopolsky

P. Arnaudov

D. Chaushev


J. Stefanov

D. Djenkov

R. Madjov

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