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Duplication of the Extrahepatic Bile Ducts, Accessory Hepatic Lobe, Accessory Pancreas, Aberrant or Accessory Blood Vessels in Hepatoduodenal Ligament

D. Kostov, V. Alexandrov, N. Dragnev, N. Nikolov, N. Mankov, E. Nikolaev, R. Janeva, Hr. Mihajlov, N. Mitev, R. Asenov, Al. Filipov, G. Kobakov, V. Keranov


Aim: Duplication of the extrahepatic bile ducts, accessory hepatic lobe, accessory pancreas, aberrant or accessory blood vessels in hepatoduodenal ligament are rare congenital malformations and the purpose of the present study.Materials and Methods: For the period 2005-2016, in the Department of Surgery at the Naval Hospital, Varna, the following distribution of diagnoses was established: four patients with a duplication of the extrahepatic bile ducts (n=2, duplication of d.cysticus; n=2, duplication of d.hepaticocholedochus), three patients with aberrant common hepatic artery, nine with aberrant right hepatic artery, ten patients with accessory rightl/left hepatic artery, one with an accessory pancreas, and six patients with accessory liver lobe with a diameter of 1 cm to 11 cm.Results: With one exception, in all patients described, the congenital malformations were asymptomatic and diagnosed as accidental intraoperative findings. The accessory pancreas located in the wall of the proximal jejunum was the reason for intermittent melena and anemic syndrome in one of the patients.Conclusions: Duplications of the abdominal organs are rare congenital malformations and are diagnosed in one in 4,500 autopsies. They are recorded more often in men from European ancestry. Intraoperative recognition of these malformations is important, especially in the era of laparoscopic surgery.


Keywords: duplication of extrahepatic bile ducts, accessory pancreas, aberrant/accessory hepatic artery

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D. Kostov

V. Alexandrov

N. Dragnev

N. Nikolov

N. Mankov

E. Nikolaev

R. Janeva

Hr. Mihajlov

N. Mitev

R. Asenov

Al. Filipov

G. Kobakov

V. Keranov

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