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Postoperative Complications After Echinococcectomy

T. Ivanov, I. Plachkov, P. Arnaudov, V. Bozhkov, P. Chernopolski, J. Stefanov, A. Lisnichkov, D. Chauchev, R. Madjov


Echinococcosis remains a widespread disease in our country. Analysis of its incidence over the past five years shows that the average age of the patients has decreased significantly despite the relative decrease in the overall morbidity. The aim of this study is to present and analyze the postoperative complications that we cаme upon after the echinococcectomy. During the period 1992-2016, 471 patients with abdominal localization of hydatid cysts were admitted to our clinic - 273 women and 198 men. All of them underwent surgical treatment. Following diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm, the probability of developing postoperative complications decreased dramatically. The most important steps in order to anticipate the postoperative complications were accurate preoperative diagnosis and experience of the surgical team.


Keywords: hydatid disease, complications

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T. Ivanov

I. Plachkov

P. Arnaudov

V. Bozhkov

P. Chernopolski

J. Stefanov

A. Lisnichkov

D. Chauchev

R. Madjov

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