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Renal agenesis - past and future

Dimitrichka Bliznakova


Congenital urinary tract anomalies (CUTAs) are common among children and represent approximately 30% of all the prenatally diagnosed malformations. They are the primary reason for a chronic renal failure. Most anomalies are manifested by urinary tract infections, changes of urine colour, abdominal pain while some malformations are asymptomatic. A particular anomaly such as renal agenesis is of interest for pediatric nephrologists. In the past, it has not troubled the patients. Nowadays it is accepted that this anomaly relates with a hidden risk for the development of kidney failure and thus requires a special attention. In the present survey, some issues of the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of CUTA are considered.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2013; 45(4): 17-19.

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Dimitrichka Bliznakova
Medical University of Varna

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