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Breast implants After Mastectomy - an Almost Universal Reconstructive Approach

Iv. Petrova, R. Panov, S. Lavchev, T. Deliyski, G. Vulcheva, V. Nanev, E. Zlateva, N. Kovachev, Tz. Ivanov, M. Enchev


Introduction: The oncoplastic approach is already developed enough to achieve an optimal aesthetic result concerning the breasts. However, still a range of patients, subjectively, do not choose the most optimal breast reconstruction for them. Therefore, we set the goal to analyze the reasons which make the patients deny the optimal approach for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Materials and Methods: The research included 87 patients from the Clinic for Oncologic surgery of the University Hospital `George Stranski` - Pleven and the Department of Surgery at Tokuda hospital - Sofia. They have all agreed on breast reconstruction after mastectomy which had been performed due to breast cancer or a high risk of breast cancer. All patients were given the opportunity to choose the most optimal aesthetic method for reconstruction. The results showed that 39 of the patients refused to choose the optimal method due to reluctance of performing further surgeries and using flaps plastics. A smaller number of them pointed out a financial reason - paying for an implant.


Keywords: breast cancer, oncoplastic approach, breast implants

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Iv. Petrova

R. Panov

S. Lavchev

T. Deliyski

G. Vulcheva

V. Nanev

E. Zlateva

N. Kovachev

Tz. Ivanov

M. Enchev

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