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Portal and Intestinal Pneumatosis Combined with Paralytic Ileus in a Patient with Severe Form of Acute Pancreatitis. A case report

E. Corral-Fernandez, T. Stoyanov, P. Sarduy-Fernandez, P. Casado-Santamaria, P. Tonchev, E. Garcia-Grimaldo


Portal pneumatosis or the so-called Hepatic Portal Venous Gas (HPVG) is an ominous radiologic sign, which is usually associated with serious abdominal pathology and in most cases requires emergent surgical intervention. In recent times, HPVG has often been reported in the literature and is related to severe and lethal body conditions.HPVG could be a radiographic sign in inflammatory bowel diseases, acute pancreatitis, paralytic ileus, and in severe conditions, such as acute intestinal ischemia. The expression of this sign defines the survival prognosis of the patients: 69% survival rate in minor pathology and 25% in acute bowel ischemia.We present a case report of a patient with portal and intestinal pneumatosis and paralytic ileus due to severe acute pancreatitis with a positive outcome resolved by conservative treatment.


Hepatic Portal Venous Gas, acute pancreatitis, paralytic ileus, intestinal ischemia, CT scan

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E. Corral-Fernandez

T. Stoyanov

P. Sarduy-Fernandez

P. Casado-Santamaria

P. Tonchev

E. Garcia-Grimaldo

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