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The normal intermesenteric collateral behind the meandering mesenteric artery: Case report

L. Jelev, S. Marangozov, K. Guirov


In the area of vascular surgery and imaging there is an interesting arterial vessel described called the meandering mesenteric artery (MMA). In the surgical texts the MMA is simply described as an enlarged normal collateral vessel in patients with chronic mesenteric vascular occlusive disease that connects the proximal parts of the superior and inferior mesenteric arteries additionally to the marginal artery of Drummond and the arch of Riolan. In the anatomical descriptions, however, such a `normal` collateral is missing. The present report describes a dissectional case of a variable collateral vessel at the root of the transverse mesocolon that connects the proximal parts of the mesenteric arteries and as such is a possible candidate for MMA.

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L. Jelev

S. Marangozov

K. Guirov

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