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An aberrant anterior lobe of the left lung in human

L. Jelev, W. Ovtscharoff, D. Hinova-Palova


In some rare cases the human lung may shows variable accessory fissures that separate aberrant lung lobes. This case report describes an accessory fissure of the left lung of a 67-year-old Caucasian female cadaver that crossed the mediastinal, apical and anterior costal surfaces and thus it separates the organ into a small upper-medial-anterior lung lobe (lobus minimus) from a much larger aberrant lobe (lobus magnus). At the pulmonary hilum the artery, vein and bronchus of the small aberrant lobe were clearly visible. In the field of radiography the existence of such aberrant fissures and lobes have to be known in order to separate between simple anatomic variation of the lungs and a number of lung pathologies.

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L. Jelev

W. Ovtscharoff

D. Hinova-Palova

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