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Reconstruction of deep burns of the knee using gastrocnemius flap

Yolanda Zayakova, Daniel Yankov, Nikolai Pashaliev


PURPOSE: The objective of this paper was to share our surgical experience and discuss the application of the gastrocnemius flap in the reconstruction of deep burns of the knee.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: We reported a reconstructive work using gastrocnemius flap in six patients with deep burns of the knee joint. The application of flap surgery was determined by the size and the depth of the defect without considering the etiology of the burn. Five patients were treated with the medial head and the sixth one was treated with the lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle.

RESULTS: Complete tissue coverage of the wounds was obtained. In one patient, partial split-thickness skin graft was lost, however, secondary healing of the wound occurred. Primary healing occurred in the donor areas. Full mobility and good aesthetic results were obtained in all the patients.

CONCLUSION: The gastrocnemius flap is a valuable surgical method in the reconstruction of the deep burns of the knee joint. The final functional and aesthetic outcome is very good. Having considered the advantages of the technique, we believe that its application is appropriate in many cases of deep burns of the knee presenting with exposed bone and tendon.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2013; 45(4): 71-76.

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About The Authors

Yolanda Zayakova
Naval Hospital of Varna

Daniel Yankov
Naval Hospital of Varna

Nikolai Pashaliev
Naval Hospital of Varna

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