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V. Nestorova, L. Dimitrova, I. Dzhedzhev


Forty-one workers (28 males and 13 females) with secondary Raynaud phenomenon were studied.  They were divided into two groups: group one - 28 workers exposed to vibrations and group two - 13 workers with overstrain and microtraumatism. The professional route, electroneurography, vegeto-vascular state, cryoglobulins, and erythrocytic antibodies were followed-up. The clinical diagnosis of vibration disease was proved in 24 workers (or 58,5 per cent of the cases). Immunohematologically, erythrocytic antibodies were found out in 13 of these patients. The relationship between the high percentage of erythrocytic antibodies and the secondary Raynaud phenomenon with the workers exposed to local vibrations was discussed.


Raynaud phenomenon; vibration disease; electroneurography, immunohematology; vibrational white fingers; workers

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V. Nestorova

L. Dimitrova

I. Dzhedzhev

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