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D. Radev


A method for pyloroplasty with complete reconstruction of the pyloric area was presented. The task was solved by pneumatic preparation and ring-shaped removal of pylorus musculature within a zone of 3,0-3,5 cm. The integrity of the underlying mucous muff was preserved and the latter was invaginated into the lumen. Thus a circular mucous-submucous valve in the region of the gastroduodenal ligament was formed. Due to the preserved anatomical integrity, innervation and blood supply of this mucous-submucous layer after its pleating created a zone wide like a normal pylorus between the stomach and duodenum. The method had been preliminarily tested in dogs and then clinically applied in 28 peptic ulcer patients. The duration of the postoperative following-up was between 6 months and 10 years. The results from the operation were good. This technique could successfully be applied in gastric surgery for preventing the dumping syndrome and reflux gastritis when pyloroplasty is required.


pyloroplasty; duodenogastric reflux; reflux gastritis; peptic ulcer disease; dumping syndrome; prevention

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