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D. Tomov, P. Mileva


A scientometric study after author's own methods (Tomov, 1986 and 1998) of the publication output in the field ofmemory and blood-brain barrier in MEDLINE on CD-ROM (EBSCO Publ., USA) data base for 1965-2000 was carried out. On this interdisciplinary topic, a total of 126 articles in seven languages, mainly in English, had been published in a total of 93 journals from 21 countries. In 37 review articles there were 5289 references (at an average of 143 references per paper). Authors' institutions belonged to 18 mono- and 7 interdisciplinary thematic profiles while the journals could be assigned to 17 mono- and 8 interdisciplinary profiles. Some 39 journals from 12 countries containing 57 articles belonged to the generalized profile of neurosciences. The authors from the USA had published 37 papers in 30 American journals but 16 ones in 10 journals from 5 countries. Aa a whole, 67 papers had been published in domestic journals but 59 ones in foreign journals. Eight articles by authors from 6 countries had been published in 7 "international" journals from 5 countries. The computerized historiography of science could be successfully applied for scientometric purposes and for perfection of science policy and management at any levels in small countries like Bulgaria.


memory; blood-brain barrier; institutionalization; internationalization; computerized historiography; MEDLINE on CD-ROM

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P. Mileva

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