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M. P. Burykh


One thousand and ninety-four normal human kidneys and 18 abnormal ones (with duplication of the ureter) were studied by a corrosion method and pyelography followed by topometric and mathematic analyses. It has been found out that renal pelvis is a calicopelvic complex built-up of renal calices, urinary ducts, and renal pelvis itself. Before opening into the renal pelvis, renal calices join together forming urinary ducts (superior and inferior; or superior, middle and inferior; or superior, middle anterior, middle posterior and inferior) transporting urine to the container, the renal pelvis. It can be seen that groups of renal calices with pyramids and a cortical substance surrounding them form the renal excretory sectors of the kidneys where the processes of uropoiesis and transportation of urine through elements of the nephron and calicopelvic complex take place. These are two (superior and inferior), three (superior, middle and inferior) or four (superior, middle anterior, middle posterior and inferior) renal excretory sectors. The existence of renal excretory sectors is proved by a congenital anomaly of the calicopelvic complex such as duplication of the ureter where urinary ducts of the superior and inferior renal excretory sectors do not form a renal pelvis but run separately to the urinary bladder. Based on anatomical data obtained, renal excretory sectors may be distinguished by analogy to bronchopulmonary segments in lungs. These data about the renal excretory sectors will contribute to further improvement of the operative technique of renal partial resections as well as of the anatomical nomenclature.

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