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V. Madzhova, V. Madzhova, V. Tsaneva, M. Delijski


The data from a 10-years prospective study among 85 boys and 64 girls, mean age 14,1 ±3,8 years with mean diabetes duration 8,45 ±3,7 years are analyzed. Using a complex prospective screening we found the frequency of microalbuminuria (MAU) and estimated some parameters of progression of the renal damage. The patients were divided into 3 groups: no MAU, with MAU and with clinical signs of nephropathy. We traced the dynamics of glomerular fdtration, albumin excretion and arterial pressure. The effect of ACEIs was according to the level of proteinuria. In diabetics with macroalbuminuria a short-lasting effect run out to the end of the 2-nd year. In MAU-positive ptients ACEIs led to delay of nephropathy for 10-years in 86,48%, progression in 8,1% and regression to normoalbuminuria in 5,4%. In 15% of all the diabetics we found a significant raise of proteinuria. In 21,73% of patients with "borderline" albuminuria there was a progression after the 5-th year with a cumulative index 4,58% or 0,91%.


diabetes mellitus; diabetic nephropathy; microalbuminuria; glomerular filtration rate; adolescence

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V. Madzhova

V. Madzhova

V. Tsaneva

M. Delijski

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