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B. Yustinianova, A. Manolova, E. Geneva


Physical activity (PhA) in adolescence and its influence on the arterial blood pressure (ABP) is investigated in 964 adolescents, aged 15 to 17 years. Screening of ABP is carried out and interview with the students for determining the PhA in their free time, the frequency of the physical activities and the time for active physical exercises. The results show that every second girl and third boy is not going for sport in its free time and the level of PhA in adolescents with elevated ABP is significantly lower. It is found that the level of PhA in girls with normal or elevated ABP is 2 times lower compared to that of boys. Models of PhA with high cardioprotective effect are created for the adolescent age.


arterial blood pressure; physical activity; sports; adolescence

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A. Manolova

E. Geneva

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