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B. Yustinianova, A. Manolova, D. Arabadzhieva


Screening of arterial blood pressure is carried out in 964 students (423 boys and 541 girls) aged 14 to 18 years from randomly selected schools in Sofia and Varna. The predictors of arterial hypertension in adolescence such as positive family history, increased body mass, nutrition patterns, hypokinesia and stress are studied by means of questionnaire interview. The results show that 57,4% of the adolescents with elevated systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressure have positive family history. In girls, a positive family history is found out by 2,3 times more often (p <0,001). In 19,1% of the adolescents an increased body mass combined with hypokinesia (in 61,4% of the boys and in 72,8% of the girls) and non-balanced nutrition is established. Every second girl and every third boy are under distress conditions. Data of the present study show that prevention of arterial hypertension in adolescence must be carried out individually according to the predictor significance of medico-biological and behavioural risk factors.


arterial hypertension; risk factors; adolescents; prevention, town of Varna

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B. Yustinianova

A. Manolova

D. Arabadzhieva

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