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A. Kerekovska, N. Feschieva, N. Usheva


This paper refers to the issue of cross-cultural transfer of globally initiated health promotion policies. The purpose of the study is to explore the possibilities of cross-cultural transfer looking at the international language of health promotion and to assess its applicability in terms of transfer to Bulgaria. It also aims to identify aspects of cross-cultural policy validity, consideration of which might assist the process of health promotion global policy transfer. The Walt model for health policy analysis was used as a basic analytical framework. The Hofstede model of national cultures was applied as a guiding tool to assess the cultural constraints and possibilities for cross-national policy transfer. The analysis revealed major difficulties of global health promotion policies transfer to the Bulgarian realities. Ideas were advanced about the need for global policy language interpretation and adaptation to develop a better fit for the purpose of specific locations. The results can be drawn up to set an agenda for further essential work on the pragmatic issues of how to modify the global policy items of health promotion and develop an interpretation that is in line with the realities of the Bulgarian life.


health promotion; global policies; cross-cultural policy transfer; United Kingdom; Bulgaria

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A. Kerekovska

N. Feschieva

N. Usheva

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