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P. Mileva, Zh. Radkova, G. Stoyanova, Zh. Todorova, R. Kuyumdzhieva


The Library and Information Service at Prof. Paraskev Stoyanov Medical University of Varna has passed through several stages in its historical development. They results obtained are related with the timely recognition of the necessity of introduction in the Library of the new information technologies. Thus the library staff faces the requirements of the information society of the new millennium. The enthusiastic efforts of the governing body of the library are directed to the permanent improvement of information retrieval in the university medical libraries in Bulgaria, the coordination of their computerization, and the creative enrichment of the forms and methods of information service of the teachers and students. Modern audiovisual means are used along with interactive user's education for independent search in the foreign databases in the library and through Internet. The electronic-mail connections help delivering the documents to the readers in the university departments and clinics after scanning the paper information sources in our library and in other libraries. The electronic library catalogue of books is already accessible through Internet. Our idea of a modern virtual library opened to the future and preserving the rich traditions of our University becomes step-by-step a fascinating reality.


Medical Library and Information Service of Varna; virtual library; electronic catalogue; electronic information resources; databases on CD-ROM; Internet

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P. Mileva

Zh. Radkova

G. Stoyanova

Zh. Todorova

R. Kuyumdzhieva

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