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L. Havezova, P. Yordanova, T. Kostadinova


The measurement of the structural disorders after stroke can be carried out by estimating the personal deficit and then generalized as a degree of invalidity. The present study focused on 65 stroke patients. They were follow е d-up and underwent an early neurorehabilitation course. The analysis of an extensive body of literature and the results obtained from our clinical investigations enabled to discuss the relationship between the elements, e. g., diagnosis, planning, intervention and assessment involved in the management of the neurorehabilitation process. Based on the combination of standardized indices and scales the authors suggest a unified rehabilitation profile enabling them to evaluate and monitor the motor and cognitive deficit. Thus, objective prerequisites are established for determining the priorities, monitoring the efficacy and the possibilities for prognosis of terms and outcome of the conducted rehabilitation training.


Stroke; disability assessment; Barthel Index; Pulses Profile; Functional Independence Measure; International Classification of Impairments; Disabilities and Handicap

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L. Havezova

P. Yordanova

T. Kostadinova

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