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D. Kovachev, E. Kolettas, S. Bonanou-Tzedaki


When cells are exposed to a variety of stimuli, there is increased expression of stress or heat shock proteins, a major representative of which is hsp70. The objective of the present work was to investigate the endogenous expression of hsp70 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and erythrocytes of patients suffering from b-thalassaemia and to correlate hsp70 levels with patients' antioxidant status. Blood samples were obtained from thalassaemia major patients aged 16-24 years. Hsp70 was identified with a mouse monoclonal anti-human hsp70 antibodies using the Western blot procedure. The total antioxidant status was determined by means of a commercial kit of RANDOX. It was established that: i) Hsp70 levels were low in mononuclear cells, ii) Hsp70 was not appreciably induced by incubation at 43°C, Hi) in erythrocytes, however, there was a marked endogenous expression ofhsp70 - thalassaemics express more hsp70 than control subjects, iv) the antioxidant status of thalassaemics was by about 20 % less than the control one. The increased endogenous hsp70 in thalassaemic erythrocytes was consistent with the hypothesis that the elevated levels of denaturated globins induced the expression of stress proteins during erythopoiesis. We are currently investigating whether there is a correlation between the severity of the clinical symptoms and hsp70 levels.


Beta-thalassaemia; heat shock proteins; hsp70, antioxidant status; haemoglobin; erythrocytes

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D. Kovachev

E. Kolettas

S. Bonanou-Tzedaki

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