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Zh. Georgieva


Chronic iron-deficiency anaemia (IDA) affects mainly the active population and represents a serious socio-medical problem of increasing health and economic importance. The author studies on 70 white female rats of Wistar breed the correlation between the morphological and microcirculatory myocardial changes and the degree of IDA as well as their reversibility after iroin deficiency correction. Routine histological methods have been used to reveal the alterations in the myocardial histology and microcirculatory bed. The main results obtained show that there is a correlation between the severity of IDA and the expressiveness of the histomorphological myocardial alterations. The latter occur already with the moderate degree of IDA and aggravate with the severe degree of IDA. The anaemic hypoxia attacks most significantly the subendocardial layer of the left ventricle which fails to compensate the unfavourable effect of the pathogenetic factor. The disturbances in the microcirculatory bed determine the appearance of a perivascular oedema and fuchsinophilic necroses being the most substantial histological feature of the myocardial lesion. The incomplete reversibility of the morphological changes in the severe degree of IDA does not coincide with the normalized haemoglobin parameters after the correcting iron-replacement therapy.


Iron-deficiency anaemia; subendocardial cardiomyocytes; microcirculation; histopathology; iron replacement therapy; rats

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