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V. Yonkova, V. Lyutskanova, Y. Yonkov


Almost one-quarter of 100 asymptomatic men under investigation for fertility has significant titres of lg-А antibodies (> 1:8) specific for Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) in seminal plasma. No clear association was evident between the presence of these antibodies and sperm quality. The female partners of men with consistently high serum or seminal plasma levels of Chlamydia-specific Ig A also exhibited a positive Ig-A reaction in serum without any clinical indications of infection. The study indicated that chronic asymptomatic infections with CT could be responsible for a large number of cases of infertility. It also implied that any men and women under investigation for infertility should be routinely screened with Chlamydial serology regardless of previous history and clinical findings


Chlamydia trachomatics; Ig A, Ig G; serology, seminal plasma; infertility

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V. Yonkova

V. Lyutskanova

Y. Yonkov

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