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T. Ganchev, E. Dyankov, E. Stancheva, P. Nikolova, R. Zacharieva, M. Velikova


The effects of piracetam (2 x 200 mg/kg b. w.) injected intraperitoneally for three days on erythropoiesis and some functional characteristics of erythrocytes were studied in Wistar rats. A significant increase of reticulocytes in relative (by 122,03 %, p < 0,01) and in absolute counts (by 109,29 %, p < 0,01), an increase of 59Fе incorporation in newly-formed erythrocytes (by 13,80 %) and a significant rise of erythroblasts as followed: total counts (by 59,39 %, p < 0,01), proerythroblasts (by 52,87 %, p < 0,05), and orthochromatic erythroblasts (by 54,25 %, p< 0,01) were observed in the piracetamtreated rats. It was accepted that piracetam stimulated erythroid proliferation and differentiation. Erythroid deformability enhanced by 14,69 % (p < 0,01) but spontaneous haemolysis of erythrocytes reduced by 16,95 % (p < 0,025). Thus it could be suggested that piracetam, along with its stimulatory effect on erythropoiesis, improves some of the most important functional characteristics of erythrocytes such as deformability and oxidative resistance.


Piracetam; erythropoiesis; erythrocyte deformability; spontaneous haemolysis; aluminium

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T. Ganchev

E. Dyankov

E. Stancheva

P. Nikolova

R. Zacharieva

M. Velikova

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