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V. Nikolova, L. Koeva


Twenty-five patients with T3-thyrotoxicosis were studied. The diagnosis was based on clinical observation, biochemical values, total T3 and T4, and ultrasound tests of the thyroid gland. A conservative treatment was carried out and where necessary a surgical one, too. The authors observed this form of the thyrotoxicosis in male as well as in female patients, the average age of the patients was young, and the duration of the disease from its beginning until diagnosing was longer than that of the common form. A bigger size of the thyroid was observed which was denser and often pseudonodular. In the clinical picture the cardio-vascular and neurological symptoms prevailed. Only in two cases light forms of thyrotoxic ophthalmopatia developed. The disease showed tendency towards relapses. Four patients were operated on because of difficulties in achieving a compensation of the euthyroid state and frequent relapses.


T3-thyrotoxicosis; atypical forms; cardiovascular symptoms; treatment

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V. Nikolova

L. Koeva

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