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V. Nikolova, L. Koeva


The authors reported comparative results from the treatment of thyrotoxicosis in patients over and under 60 years of age. Sixty patients aged over 60 years were comparatively examined with 300 younger patients. It was established that the initial dosage of antithyroid drugs was higher in older patients. They showed good tolerance to treatment, the side effects were rare and rapidly reversible. Beta-blockers exerted a very good effect even in lower doses than those applied in cardiology. Digitalis preparations were necessitated in cases with thyrotoxic heart. The operative treatment of nodular forms of thyrotoxicosis showed good results, however, patients and their relatives abstained from it. TRH-test was used as criterion of successful treatment along with the clinical symptomatics and normal T3 and T4 values. The recovery process in elderly patients was slower and longer and that was why their treatment lasted up to 2,5-3 years.


Thyrotoxicosis; elderly patients; treatment

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L. Koeva

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