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L. Ivanova, B. Halova, V. Gardevska


The degree of seropositiveness against Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) were established by examination of 737 single serum samples from clinically healthy donors aged 1-60 years by using CF-test. Comparatively, 91 of them were studied by ELISA (Behring-Germany, Ensygnost-Varicella-Zoster). Additionally, 37 single serum samples of patients with clinical symptoms of herpes zoster were examined by CF-test. The results of the healthy population showed a mean seroprevalence of 48,98 % by CF-test and of 60,44 % by ELISA. The difference of seroprevalence of healthy and ill individuals (with typical clinical signs) in matched age intervals was considerable only with patients suffering from herpes zoster.


Varicella-zoster virus; Varicella; Herpes zoster, ELISA, CF-test

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L. Ivanova

B. Halova

V. Gardevska

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