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R. Chuturkova, S. Popova


A characteristics of atmospheric air pollution during the period from 1980 till 1992 in the town of Beloslav, a settlement located in the immediate proximity of Devnya industrial complex was prepared. The following parameters were examined: dust, sulphur dioxide, sulphuric acid, hydrogen sulphide, nitric oxides, ammonia, chlorine, and hydrogen fluoride. Annual indexes of pollution presented according to the Canadian Indexing System exceeded considerably the hygienic standards concerning most atmospheric air pollutants. During the whole period of observation the total index varied between 3,22 and 8,28 one unit being the standard. The morbidity rate of the population according to the registration files for children and adults was analyzed, too. Multiple correlation and step regression analyses were applied to follow-up the influence of the atmospheric air pollution on the morbidity. There were statistically reliable correlation dependences between the atmospheric air pollution and the diseases of the respiratory, nervous, alimentary and other systems.


Atmospheric air pollution; indexes of pollution; morbidity; children; adults, multiple correlation analysis; step regression analysis

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