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Imaging Modalities in Abdominal Trauma

DB Baleva


BACKGROUND: Trauma is the major cause of death prior to the fourth decade of life. Two main types of abdominal trauma are differentiated - blunt abdominal trauma and penetrating trauma.


  • Imaging modalities in trauma
  • Appropriate imaging protocols and practical tips
  • Basic findings in abdominal trauma
  • Specific findings in organ trauma
  • Classification of abdominal trauma

MAIN BODY: In the lecture, the effective imaging modalities of the acute abdominal trauma are discussed with a special accent upon the focused abdominal ultrasound in trauma (FAST) and the computed tomography (CT). Effective CT protocols are suggested together with practical tips for image evaluation. The imaging signs of the different traumatic organ lesions with relation to the staging of the lesion according to the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) evaluation scale are discussed as separate topics.

CONCLUSION: The prompt application of suitable imaging has a crucial role in the setting of acute abdominal trauma.


abdominal trauma, AAST, hemoperitoneum, laceration

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