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Nonvascular, Nontraumatic Mediastinal Emergencies

TP Nenkina


BACKGROUND: A less common cause for acute chest pain, often not recognized on time and with high mortality rate, is the group gathering of nonvascular, nontraumatic mediastinal emergencies. A variety of pathological conditions concerning different mediastinal structures is included in this slightly underestimated spectrum.

LEARNING POINTS: Diagnostic algorithm of mediastinal emergencies, some tips in differential diagnostics; complications estimated with imaging, effectiveness of possible surgical correction.

MAIN BODY: We will present a part of those life-threatening diseases including iatrogenically induced cases. A practical diagnostic imaging algorithm plus a range of imaging signs and clues will provide some tips in avoiding misdiagnosis. Considering some essential differential diagnosis could be vital for those critical patients in reducing early or delayed complications caused by postponed correct imaging interpretation. Last but not least, the optional therapeutic methods will be mentioned with an emphasis on the surgical procedures hand in hand with their imaging equivalent and efficiency estimation.


mediastinum, emergency, computed tomography

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