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Gastrointestinal Emergencies - Signs and Pitfalls

I Plachkov


BACKGROUND: Gastrointestinal emergencies are among the most common causes for hospital admission with a high percentage of morbidity and mortality.

LEARNING POINTS: Suspected abdominal emergency sometimes presents a diagnostic challenge with different clinical presentation and various spectra of diagnostic tools. Radiograms, computed tomography and ultrasound are modalities of choice, not only for diagnosis but also for detection of complications.

MAIN BODY: The purpose of the presentation is to familiarize the audience with the basic imaging findings, signs and potential pitfalls of the CT examination in cases of intestinal obstruction, ischemia, bowel diverticulitis, etc.

CONCLUSION: The review will focus on some of the complications of the gastrointestinal emergencies and the differential diagnosis. It includes basic CT protocols for different scenarios.


gastrointestinal tract, emergency, imaging, computed tomography

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