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Endovascular Treatment of Stroke

SS Sirakov


BACKGROUND: The management of acute ischemic stroke has advanced greatly over the past two decades. New interventions, including intravenous and endovascular treatment strategies, have evolved to recanalize arteries and salvage the ischemic brain.

LEARNING POINTS: The evolution of interventional approaches to the treatment of acute stroke has been prompted by the limitations of intravenous therapy and intended to extend the treatment window, improve recanalization rates, and subsequently - long-term clinical outcomes.

MAIN BODY: We present our experience with endovascular treatment of stroke including the techniques, devices, and tips and tricks of mechanical thrombectomy.

CONCLUSION: We have to understand the meaning and benefits of endovascular treatment in stroke patients, compared to intravenous therapy alone, and start do develop well-organized stroke units in Bulgaria.


stroke, mechanical thrombectomy, endovascular treatment

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SS Sirakov

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