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Case Series of Emergency Conditions with a Dramatic Onset: a Diagnostic Dilemma

ED Panova


INTRODUCTION: This presentation reports a case series of patients, who share similar medical history/treatment and have common radiographic findings. The objectives of the study include presenting the etiological, clinical and radiographic features of the indicated condition, as well as discussing differential diagnosis and treatment approach.

CASE PRESENTATION: We observed a series of five patients, all presenting with acute abdominal pain, low haemoglobin levels and prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time. Clinical history and imaging findings were discussed. Urgent high-quality computed tomography examination was mandatory to confirm the diagnosis.

CONCLUSION: Despite the mostly favorable prognosis and rare occurrence in medical practice, some cases of the presented condition might have a fatal outcome. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to recognize its clinical manifestation, confirm the diagnosis and propose a suitable therapeutic approach.


acute abdominal pain, femoral nerve, acute anemia, retroperitoneal hematoma, retroperitoneal tumor

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