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Workshop - Tips and Tricks in Cardiac and Vascular Emergency

Kirova Galina


BACKGROUND: The workshop will illustrate the wide variety of CT/MRI findings in cardiac emergency, based on the presentation of several clinical cases and situations. Analysis will be provided according to the recent guidelines and the author`s personal experience in a cardiovascular centre. CT/MRI findings will be described and correlated with pathologic features, therapeutic consequences, knowledge of which will allow faster and better interpretation of images.


  • To demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the different imaging modalities in the diagnostic workup of cardiac and vascular emergency;
  • To discuss the value of an appropriate diagnostic algorithm in different clinical scenarios;
  • To explain the difference between aortic dissection (AD), intramural hematoma (IMH), penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer (PAU) and acute aortic rupture (AAR);
  • To present the characteristic CT findings for each entity and the wide spectrum of findings that the radiologist must be able to recognize in order to correctly direct treatment management and allow risk stratification of patients with AA syndrome.


emergency, vascular pathology, computed tomography angiography, magnetic resonance angiography, radiology report

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