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Surgery at daybreak of the new millennium: traditions and innovations

Krasimir Ivanov


In recent years, colorectal surgery faces a series of challenges associated with the interdisciplinary ap­proach in the biomedicine and clinical medicine of the new millennium. The Department of General and Op­erative Surgery at the Medical University `Professor Paraskev Stoyanov` of Varna has already organized 14 national conferences of coloproctology with rising international participation. The present jubilee Fifteenth International Congress of Colorectal Surgery represents the continuation of these conferences of coloproctol­ogy. It preserves the best practices and traditions and, in the same time, it traces the pathway to new innova­tions and scientific advances in this field of increasing socio-medical importance worldwide. It should be em­phasized that these traditional conferences have substantially contributed to mutual exchange of experience and methodology as well as of theoretical and practical achievements between scientists and practitioners. It has considerably extended the interpersonal contacts and fruitful interrelations within the medical class and with the public as well.

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Krasimir Ivanov
President of the Fifteenth International Congress of Colorectal Surgery

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