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Septal perforations - are septal buttons better

D. Marev


Objective: To evaluate all cases of septal perforation who underwent closure, either surgically or non surgically, and determine if septal buttons were more effective in terms of successful closure and tolerability to the patients. Study De sign: Ret ro spec tive anal y sis in volv ing 30 pa tients who un der went clo sure of their septal perforation between 1995-2003. Result: 25 patients (84%) had their septal perforations closed by septal button (closed method), 4 underwent surgical closure and 1 patient did not want any treatment. 7 patients, in whom the perforation was closed using septal button, had re-perforation. Conclusion: 90% of the patients had resolution of epistaxis post operatively. Nasal crusting persisted post operatively in 11 patients. 18 patients out of 20 who responded to the questionnaire, had closure by septal button.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2009; 41(2): 147-148.

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D. Marev
Medical University of Varna

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