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Nosocomial infections - registration, nosological and etiological structure

Ts. Paunov, Sv. Staneva, N. Valkanova, K. Yordanova


Nosocomial infections (NI) gain importance in medical practice due to the increase of the invasive remedial and diagnostic handling, raise in the rate of survival of patients, increase in the average age of the population in the coun try (2,4). In our practice, we have experienced how costly a treatment of a patient with added NI could be (3). The situation has further complicated by the adaptation of new nosocomial pathogens and their increase resistance of antibiotics. The absence of preferred policy from Health ministry and Health-ensure cash in regards to NI and the lack of clinical paths lead to decline in the interest of the medical personnel and their anticipation in the anti-epidemi cal battle.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2009; 41(2): 183-185.

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About The Authors

Ts. Paunov
Medical University of Varna

Sv. Staneva
Regional inspectorat for prevention and control of public health - Varna

N. Valkanova
Medical University of Varna

K. Yordanova
Medical College of Varna

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