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Frog skin active peptides (FSAP) as a highy effective antimicrobial agents

M. Gilev, Georgi Bontchev


During last ten to fifteen years a considerable scientific attention has been paid to biologically active substances as known as frog skin active peptides (FSAP). These substances are naturally produced by many Amphibian organisms and could be found within skin secretion of most frog families, especially Ranidae. Biomolecules of that class possess extremely valuable properties: show high antimicrobial and antifungal activity - especially effective against multiresistant bacterial infections; act as protease inhibitors and components of an innate immune system; demonstrate relatively weak hemolytic activity. Such a combination makes frog skin active peptides a potential candi dates for drug development with possible application in therapy, traumatology, surgery, etc. In present paper an origin, classification, function as well as methods for determination of FSAP are summarized. It is underlined that Bulgarian region is definitely suitable for extensive FSAP investigations due to the naturally abundance of genus Rana species.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2009; 41(2): 195-200.

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About The Authors

M. Gilev
St. Anna Hospital of Varna

Georgi Bontchev
Medical University of Varna

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