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A new concept for radionuclide generator systems

Georgi Bontchev, Silvia Bontcheva


Radiodiagnostic methods of nuclear medicine use short-lived isotopes for variety of imaging purposes. Inmedical centers these isotopes are produced commonly by special equipment, as known as ‘radionuclide generators`. The radionuclide generated by them can be periodically extracted and, after simple chemical processing, used for appropriate medical application. In developed and commercially available radionuclide generators, the separation and extraction of isotopes is setup on the principles of forced column chromatography, i.e. by means of positive (or negative) pres sure-driven elution. Al though these sorption-type generators work fine and, in general, accomplish most of the requirements for medical application, yet an other principle of generator's construction appears to be also possible. In this paper a new concept for developing a generator system, in which the separation and extraction of radionuclides is carried out on an electrophoretic basis is discussed. Details such as construction possibility, theoretical motivation as well as expected effectiveness are considered. Some possible advantages, concerning radiopharmaceutical usage of proposed electro phoretic generators are outlined.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2009; 41(2): 201-207.

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About The Authors

Georgi Bontchev
Medical University of Varna

Silvia Bontcheva
Medical University of Varna

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